Characteristics ...

The Airedale is a real terrier. An active, muscular, quite compact dog without a trace of long-leggedness or extreme length of body.

Sharp in its expressions, quick in movement and in quite tensed expectation of any movement. The expression in the eyes and the position of its tail shows its true nature. Very proud, happy, brave and clever, quick in understanding, always very alert, not aggressive although fearless. The length of the shoulder of a male is 58-61 cm and of a female: 56-59 cm. This King Of Terriers leaves a big impression thanks to its dignity and its lovely brown-black coat of hard terrier-fur. A real eye-catcher when he starts moving with great strides forward and driving of the hindquarters. The tail straight up vibrating of the tention. A long, noble head with ears which fall forwards on the head. This dog is a real “attention-getter”.

1. eyes: dark, with the typical terrier-expression
2. ears: V-shaped, sidewards
3. skull: long and flat
4. back: short, strong, straight
5. hips: long, powerful
6. feet: small, round, well cushioned
7. jaws: deep, powerful
8. coat: hard, dense and wiry, not too long
9. legs: straight with strong bones



He’s called “KING OF TERRIERS”. The Airedale Terrier is a very sportive, cheerful dog, and at older age he’s still very playful. He has a very nice character and he adapts easily to any kind of situation. He’s very alert, active and doesn’t let anything get in his way. Allthough, he’s very controlled and stable. He’s also a good dog to keep in the house on one condition: he must be able to go outside, where he can run and play.
Kids are his best friends. He’s very careful with the little ones, but he can also fool around with the older children. In spite of this, you’d better never leave children alone unattended with ANY dog.


His rough fur must be trimmed two or even three times a year. This is because he doesn’t loose any hair of himself. When we trim a dog, we pull the hairs out with thumb and index or with a (blunt) knive.



It’s very important that an Airedale is trimmed and not shaved. When the dog is shaved, the dead hairs stay in their roots by which the quality and colour of the fur diminishes.It will get a dim glow.
It’s also required to brush the dog weekly.


Sometimes pups are available thanks to well thought-out combinations. All our dogs are tested on H.D.

We will help new owners as much as possible by making sure that they receive elaborate documentation about the breed and by giving advice in connecting food and how to raise the pup. We also give some tips how to maintain and trim an Airedale.

As soon as the pups are born we start with socializing, so they will turn out in nice, good-natured dogs. This is also why the pups are born inside the house, and not in a kennel, so that they get used to different noises, people, etc…